Summon Night 6 Hands-On Impressions

Far away from the sensory overload that is E3, I had the chance to visit famed localizer Victor Ireland. This is a man many an RPG fan should know as the former president of Working Designs – best known for bringing the Lunar series to our shores.

Nearly a decade after forming his new studio and working on smaller titles, Gaijinworks is now focusing on giving the Summon Night series a chance to penetrate the Western market. After last year’s well-received 5th entry, they look to capitalize on their efforts with Summon Night 6: Lost Borders. Continue reading

Attack On Titan Hands-On Impressions

I can’t say I have spent a lot of time with Attack On Titan as a property. Sure, I read several volumes of the manga and the first dozen episodes of the TV anime, but I still don’t know much about the characters or the overarching plot that was introduced after I had already given up on the material.

Walking into the Koei Tecmo closed meeting room at E3, I noticed the giant poster adorned on the wall to promote the upcoming release from the company’s subsidiary, Omega Force, best known for their Dynasty Warriors games – a series I am a huge fan of.  Continue reading

Two Brothers is everything my childhood fell in love with

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Two Brothers is a provocative new project from the indie team AckkStudios, a small group of developers who show a clear passion for the games of yesteryear. Instead of dwelling on what came before them, they are taking it only on a conceptual and artistic level and delivering what has the potential to be a very entertaining adventure.

In the beginning moments of the demo, everything exists in 8-bit monochrome. A young scientist named Roy is out to learn more about this mysterious land with the help of his partner, Mark, who serves as more of a mule but makes up for it with his fighting abilities. Breaching the themes of life and death, Roy is entranced by his first discovery of color and wishes to seek it out once again. Think of a more fantastical and mythological version of Pleasantville and you’re partway there. Continue reading

Zack’s Best of E3 2013 Awards

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2013 marked the fourth time I have been to E3, and it quickly became the most exciting. I have been shaken up before, but this year was complete sensory overload. There are new consoles coming out, developers are starting to really get the hang of the latest technology available on the different platforms, mobile is finally starting to look like something worth caring about, and the RPG genre really looks like it will hit its peak once again over the next 18 months.

With all of that in mind, I would like to share with you the games that I felt were the most exciting and the most promising of many that were out there during the event. Before we get started, let me make this clear – I did not get to see every single game on the show floor or in the closed meeting rooms. That includes titles like Dark Souls II and what Natsume was showing their booth (sorry, guys!). However, from the several that I did have a chance to see, I felt I made the right decisions. Please enjoy! Continue reading

E3 2013: Lords of the Fallen Impressions

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Walking into the private meeting room to see City Interactive and Deck 13’s upcoming hardcore fantasy RPG Lords of the Fallen, I will be the first to admit that I was not expecting a whole lot. Here is a company that has cut its teeth on releasing a lot of budget-friendly titles like ‘Code of Honor’, ‘Terrorist Takedown’, and ‘Venetica’. I had heard a lot about the developer and had played some of their games in the past, so when I had heard the news that they were set to putting a lot of effort into their next venture, you can bet that I had kept my expectations in check walking into that small space on the third floor of the convention center. The good news is, I walked out a true believer in what these guys are trying to accomplish. Continue reading

Class of Heroes II Impressions

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Do you live for the grind or do you grind to live? Class of Heroes II is finally upon us after a somewhat tumultuous history that started with a failed Kickstarter and ended up with a successful preorder campaignGaijinworks and MonkeyPaw Games have been able to persevere and finally release the title both physically and digitally to eager fans. I spent the last week playing the title, and I would like to talk about the experience that I had along with some tips for those jumping into the game for the first time. Continue reading

Eight Steam Greenlight games you should support

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Don’t let anyone tell you that there are a lack of RPGs on the PC. There are plenty out there – you just have to find them and support them. Take for example Steam Greenlight. It’s a service from Valve where developers try and get their games on to their digital distribution platform by courting interest from the community. In order to do so, viewers decide to rate a game up or down based on the content the creators share with them. Those that meet a certain threshold of votes are then filtered by Valve to determine what games are appropriate enough to be on their service, and then they help the developers bring their titles to the online market. Continue reading