Project Phoenix Interview with Hiroaki Yura

Originally Posted on  August 15, 2013: Link.

I had a chance to discuss all things Project Phoenix with the game’s lead director and producer, Hiroaki Yura. We talked about design influences, the challenges of collaborating with world-spanning talent, and advice he had received along the way. Also, fair warning: there are some really nerdy moments below

Alternatively, you can listen to the interview in the Youtube embed above or download the audio recording through this link. Continue reading

Risen 2 Roundtable Discussion

Originally Posted on August 12, 2011: Link.

Although I never spent too much time dawdling in the world of Risen 1 aside from simply playing the game from start to finish, it was always the game that had the ambition and the potential to match the level of excitement that the Elder Scrolls series has been able to obtain over the years (the questionable consistency notwithstanding). Unfortunately, due to a hastily rushed and broken console release that ended up overshadowing the entire game in the process, many have given up on whatever hopes and dreams they had for Risen.

Looking to make up for whatever mistakes they have made in the past, Deep silver have taken a lot of precautionary measures, taking drastic steps in the development process of the sequel to hopefully ensure its success at least from a technical standpoint. Continue reading