List Updated

I have just added several new articles to the site. These include the write-ups I did after attending this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Not only does this include things for RPGSite, but I have also added a site that I joined that is a part of the UFF Network that includes RPGSite, Please take a look around and look forward to more articles being added to the site as I complete them!

New Articles Added

Hello there! I updated my site with a few more articles that I have worked on these past few months. I hope to have a few more added here pretty soon. Thanks for reading!


I have just finished another article that I submitted to RPGSite. The game is called TERA, an upcoming MMORPG that is promising some very exciting things. Give me a minute, and I will have it up on the site.

Summer’s Almost Over

Well, I have gotten all my textbooks taken care of (FINALLY!). Now I am just looking forward to the upcoming semester and what it entails. Sure, I will be sleeping a lot earlier than this, but I honestly can’t wait to get back to Cedar Falls. There is this wonderful sense of independence that I feel while up there, and I always feel like there is something to do. Being a Senior, this will hopefully be my last year to step inside the University of Northern Iowa, and it has treated me very well. I know that they have done their best to prepare me for life after college, and I hope I can live up to their expectations they have bestowed upon myself!

But first, a trip to Coralville, IA next Friday to go to Anime Iowa 2009!


Hello there and welcome to my web site! I hope to post a lot of information about myself and the work I do on this address, and let you get to know a little bit more about me.

Thank you for visiting, and please take a look around!