Hello everyone and welcome to my home page! My name is Zack Reese and I am a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Marketing. I also perform freelance journalism on the side. This site is mainly a hub for all my work, as well as a place to find out more about my qualifications.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have a really strong passion for marketing after spending many years in the retail industry, and I have the drive to succeed and show that I have the potential to be great at what I do if given the opportunity. My passions are based in media such as video games and Japanese anime which have helped me grow as a creatively-minded person with a free-forming approach to my work.  The majority of my written material can be found at RPG Site (www.rpgsite.net) where I have written numerous articles and editorials based around the gaming industry.

I have taken my endeavor as a Marketer quite seriously and gravitated toward the field tremendously ever since I had the ability to choose the direction I wanted to go in life. Since then, I have started to hone my skills more so with volunteer work with various websites and with the social clubs I helped lead while attending school. The different projects I took on at Northern Iowa allowed me to work closely with local businesses in the college town to help them develop marketing strategies to attract more people and investigate areas of growth, including a fun little coffee shop and a fascinating Comic Book/Barber Shop hybrid.

I am always seeking the next opportunity to advance myself in the industry, so if you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to send me an email at reese[dot]zack[at]gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

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