Yomawari: Night Alone Review

My face turned completely pale. I wasn’t even two minutes into the game and I witnessed one of the most shocking moments I have seen in a long time. I cursed under my breath as I silently continued on; my expectations thrown out the window as I was captivated with what I may have to deal with next.

This is the type of experience Yomawari: Night Alone delivers shortly into its main story. The nameless protagonist, a young girl, takes her dog Poro for a walk one night. However, the girl suddenly loses sight of him.

Soon after, she comes across her older sister in the nearby park, who promises to help find their companion. She goes off in search of Poro and tells the young girl to close her eyes and hide behind a nearby bush. But after a few hours of waiting, the innocent girl notices she is once again all alone. Continue reading

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review

Over the years, I have had this profound love for strategy RPGs. Ever since I first got my hands on Final Fantasy Tactics, it quickly became one of my favorite games ever. There is just something immensely satisfying in being able to take a group of people and building them up from scratch the way you want them to be.

Having full control over their stats, skills, and the equipment that they wear. What I enjoy most is finding that one non-story character I can become attached to and create my own backstory for them.

The Disgaea series has stood near the top for delivering a fantastic strategy RPG experience for people to enjoy. The writers have been able to weave in its off-brand style of humor in with a grounded story that fans can enjoy and sometimes even relate to. Continue reading