The Upcoming RPGs of 2013

Originally Posted on  January 22, 2013: Link.

Whether you’re into Western RPGs, Japanese RPGs, dungeon crawlers, hack-and-slash, beat ’em ups, tactical, strategy, or whatever else you can think of, this year will have a wide assortment of games to indulge yourself with in each of these categories. My goal with this article is to run over a couple dozen of those games, providing a brief summary of the game  along with some reasons why you may want to check it out yourself. Think of it as a small compendium for what 2013 has to offer. Continue reading

Top 9 RPG Tunes of All Time

Originally Posted on December 26, 2010: Link.

Video games have been a big part of my life ever since I was a little kid. Back when I was about 2-3 years old, my mother bought me and my siblings a NES. Soon, we got an SNES, then a Gameboy, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and so on and so forth. From those humble beginnings, I cultivated a tremendous amount of respect for not only the games themselves, but the story and the music that stayed in my memory to this day.

Throughout my college years, I made it a purpose to go back and play a lot of these RPG titles, especially the ones I had not played until completion or had only watched a brother or a friend play. And yet, still those nostalgiac feelings remain. I still can’t play a game that does not sustain a solid bedrock of a narrative and great compositions. Those two I place on the highest echelon for whether or not I can recommend it to my friends (gameplay of course being third, but that only supplements these two in my opinion). Continue reading

E3 2009 Wrap-Up: Roundtable Discussion

Originally Posted on June 7, 2009: Link.

Hello there everyone! Welcome to what we hope to evolve into a series of discussions among the staff about many different topics, all having to do with the gaming industry and its effect on the RPG genre. My name is Zack, and I will be joined today by Roger, Ken, Miguel, and our great and all-powerful leader and founder of RPGSite, Alex! Let us begin. Continue reading

My Virtual Console Wishlist

Originally Posted on September 8, 2006: Link.

Sure, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Wii’s launch and those Wiimote games that are sure to have those fanboys salivating, but I’ve been jumping up and down for an entirely different reason, and that happens to be the ability to play on the innovative, jubilation celebration that is the Virtual Console. Continue reading